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  • DK-FL-C020
  • DK-FL-C020
LED Floodlights is the most popular indoor and outdoor LED project-
light lamp: DUKE Polaris LED Floodlight is the newest design and 
super energy saving lamps in the led lighting market: 20W LED 
Floodlights are very light and compact, widely used in outdoor 

Product FileFamily Data

    1. Breakthrough thermal bottleneck, the popularity of green lighting

    LED lighting with its green, long life, high brightness advantage of a new era of lighting has become the trend of development. DUKE Polaris LED Floodlight will be efficient and reliable heat dissipation perfect combination of security, effectively extending the service life of LED lamps and luminaries greatly reduced operating and maintenance costs.

    2. Product Feature

    a. Using the most powerful and efficient LED Flood light heatsink. Completed LED light can work up to 50000 hours, save up to 80% energy.

    b. Die-cast aluminum housing processed with anodization, solid in structure and withstands the corrosion.

    c. Protection rate: IP65.

    d. Tempered glass panel to protect the lighting source, the transparent rate up to 93%.

    e. Die-cast aluminum housing.

    f. The entire housing coated by electromagnetic paint, excellent corrosion resistance.

    g. Stainless steel screws and parts.

    3. Innovations

    ·Respirator design

    Balance the different pressure between the atmosphere and the shell, it is waterproof alsi defog and avoiding the drop condensation, reducing the inside salt corrosion and extend the product lifespan.

    ·Die-cast heatsink base integrated

    Integrated housing looks gorgeous and concise, it is durable and of high performance, 100% no problem to used as outdoor projector.

    ·Protection rate:IP65

    By using waterproof connector and silicon rubber sealing, the protection rate can be IP65, meet the requirement for harsh, tough environment.

    ·The entire housing coated by electrophoretic paint

    Processed by electrophoretic paint, measured by 200h salt spray test, the entire housing has excellent corrosion resistance.

    ·Wide angle for adjustment

    With multiple adjustment points, the adjustment angle can be up to 270°

    Meet with different lighting project request for illumination angle.

    ·Pure aluminum reflector

    The reflector is made of pure aluminum (99.8%) which anti-oxidation and unfading in color, ensuring the reflection.

    ·Tempered glass panel

    4mm tempered glass panel safely protect the lighting source, and the transparent rate can up to 93%.

    ·Stainless steel and parts

    Endurance the corrosion of air, water, chemical acid, alkaline, salt and other materials, can be used in all kinds of harsh conditions for long time.

    4. Applications

    DUKE Polaris LED Floodlight used in Shopping center, exhibition hall, packing lot, gym, stadium, billboard, park, statue, government lighting decoration, landmark or building, public square and passage, building connecting passage and other indoor and outdoor lights applications.

    Electrical data





    Operating frequency:


    Power factor:


    Optical data



    Color temperature:


    Color rendering index Ra:


    Beam angle:



    LED Chip:

    Epistar SMD2835 40pcs


    CE Approved Driver


    High quality aluminum


    5mm Toughened Glass

    Housing Color:


    Power Wire:

    3*1.5mm²; Rubber cable

    Other Properties

    IP Rate:



    3 years

    Dimensions and weight

    Product size:

    Packing size:

    19*14*6cm/0.9kg/1PC    42*39*40cm/36pcs/36kg



    1. Application in shopping mall, billboard, landmark or building as outdoor advertising light.

    LED Floodlight can used as outdoor advertising light; IP65 protection level makes it 100% no problem to install at outdoor to illuminate advertising boards. High efficient use of led light source, making advertising boards more visible in the dark light and more prominent, greatly enhance the effectiveness of advertising boards.

    2. Application in park, exhibition hall, landmark, statue, government lighting

    LED Floodlight can illuminate on buildings as projector lighting, LED Floodlight is easy to install, can be installed vertically, and is better integrating with the building surface. LED Floodlight used as building exterior lighting brought a new vocabulary for the lighting designer, expanding the creative space.


    3. Application in packing lot, gym, stadium, building connecting passage and other indoor and    outdoor decorative lights.

    LED Floodlight can work with urban street furniture combined well and used as landscape lighting. Leisure space can be illuminated in the city such as paths, stairs, decks, waterfront, and garden by LED Floodlight. For flowers or low shrubs, LED Floodlight also can be a light source for decorative illumination. LED hidden Floodlights will be particularly favored. Fixed end of LED Floodlight can be designed for plug-in, based on the height of plant growth, and to facilitate adjustment.


    4. Application in carriageway road, local lighting staircase as logo and instructions lighting:

    LED Floodlight can be used at the place which needs to guided, such as carriageway road, local lighting staircase, the emergency exit lighting instructions. LED Floodlight used in carriageway enhanced road decorative effect, beautify the urban landscape, but also can compensate for the lack of road lamp illumination. In addition, LED Floodlight also can compared with neon lights, makes the road more colorful.

    5. Application in tunnels, workshop, large warehouses, gas stations, stadiums, and all kinds of metallurgical plant, construction, and other places:

    LED Floodlight used as LED tunnel light has below advantages: Shells are made of high strength and good toughness alloys and tempered glass, IP65 waterproof and dust proof, also rust proof; DUKE LED Floodlight has strong anti-collision and anti-shocks, a variety of high-strength high-frequency vibration will affect on the lamps, and can used in the workshop, roadbed, tracks and other high-frequency vibration and humidity high temperature environment in long term. Good electromagnetic compatibility will not interfere with the transmission network.

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