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  • DK-FPN-0303-18W
Duke anti-glare led panel keeps the high light efficiency also 
can completely avoid the problem of discomfort glare. 
300x300mm panel size available 18W and 36W, for example, 
18W general use to replacing 30W traditional downlight.
Carefully installation designed can be wall, recess, 
ceiling mounted and suspended. It will be a new trend widely 
used in kitchen, hall, office, hotels, gallery etc places 
where need soft and comfortable lighting effects

Product FileFamily Data

    1. Super thin and narrow frame design, the frame made of fine and high-quality aluminum and classic stainless steel silver wire to show its beauty of elegant and fashion

    ◆Stylish appearance, High brightness, Uniform light performance ultra-thin LED Square Panel Light.

    ◆Through 4mm PMMA diffuser and high transmittance light guide plate to create gentle and comfortable brightness atmosphere.

    ◆ Using advanced oxidation aluminum frame treatment technology make the panel surface looks more stylish.

    2. High stable quality led chip and driver, to ensure 5 years warranty.


    ◆ Adopt Epistar SMD2835

    Imported fine Epistar SMD2835 led chips stand for “high brightness, low light failure performance” to make sure its super bright lighting and life spam.

    ◆ CE Approved isolated LED Driver

    CE approved with open circuit, short circuit, over voltage and under voltage protection;

    Female and male interface for easy installation connection.

    ◆Thoughtful using fire-proof cable with female interface

    In order to strengthen the safety performance of panel, fire-proof cable both safety used in extreme hot and cold working environment.

    3, Certification:  CE (EMC/LVD), EN62471 and RoHS approved.

    4, Strict quality control when manufacturing, to avoid any little mistake to cause the quality problem,safe and durable packing to protect Panels during transportation.




    Electrical data





    Operating frequency:


    Power factor:


    Optical data



    Color temperature:

    Warm White (2800-3000K)

    Nature White (4000-4500K)

    Cold White (5000-5500K)

    RGB/R/G/B/ full color available

    Color rendering index Ra:


    Beam angle:



    LED Brand:

    Epistar SMD2835  108pcs


    Isolated CE Approved Driver



    Other Properties

    IP grade:


    Panel Frame color:

    Aluminum/ White

    Dimensions and weight

    Product size:

    Packing size:




    Offices, School and Hospital etc public places

    LED panel as the priority option to create gentle and comfortable indoor lighting atmosphere, more and more public building and offices prefer choose DUKE anti-glare led panel light to achieve snug and real natural luminous efficiency.

    45W 600x600mm LED panel light installed on office ceiling with 2.5m-3m height still could keep luminous flux around 250-300lux, which is the best working lighting environment.

    Restaurants, McDonald's, Supermarket, Stores

    LED panels are a creative and efficient alternative to the conventional fluorescent lamps. 

    LED square panel provides a better and more comfortable overall basic lighting than grille lamps. In addition, It is available in a variety of stylish and beautiful designs that fit well in most restaurants, McDonald’s, supermarket and stores etc public places. 

    It can also be used in the home where they are well suited for living room and kitchen.

    Shopping malls, Conference hall

    LED panels available a very large spread of light and good lighting controlling (dimming and/or color temperature control)

    Natural luminous makes people feel comfortable and stay longer time in large indoor areas, for example, shopping malls.And also 100% uniform luminous efficiency with white frame looks more harmonious and beautiful on the ceiling 

    The panels are easy to trap into a suspended ceiling, or shuttled down using wire suspension. Can also be mounted to the wall if you want to create a little different lighting effect.

    Example of use: general home lighting, office, Galleries, Museums, Schools, Shops ,Advertising Displays, etc.

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