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Features and Application of LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights is the most popular indoor and outdoor LED project-light lamp.LED Floodlight can be used at the place which needs to guided, such as carriageway road, local lighting staircase, the emergency exit lighting instructions.Its features include:

1.LED Floodlight used in carriageway enhanced road decorative effect, beautify the urban landscape, but also can compensate for the lack of road lamp illumination. 

2.LED Floodlight also can compared with neon lights, makes the road more colorful.

3.Using the most powerful and efficient LED Flood light heatsink, is the newest mold in the market. 

4.Die-cast aluminum housing processed with anodization, stainless steel screws and parts,

solid in structure and withstand the corrosion.

5.The entire housing coated by electromagnetic paint, excellent corrosion resistance.

6.Save up to 80% energy.

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